New years resolution

new years resolution

You know how the internet is full of articles, quotes and all that, telling you to make your new years resolution “let yourself grow to be the person you really are” and to “transform yourself into your real self”. We all know what they say.  But here’s how I see it. […]

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One day trip Heidelberg | Germany

One day trip Heidelberg

Are you also one of those people who like to visit small towns in different countries? I feel that you get to know that culture better this way, rather than just visiting it’s capital. So here are some suggestions for a one day trip Heidelberg, Germany.  Heidelberg is located in […]

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Belgrade | Serbia


I have visited Belgrade – Serbia, a few weeks ago and was surprised of how much this city reminded me of Bucharest – Romania. It was a version of Bucharest in which nobody spoke neither Romanian nor English. It was funny to see people talk to you and when you […]

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Belgrade for tight budgets! | Serbia

belgrade for tight budgets

Where did the weekend go? Do you also find yourself sitting at your desk dreaming about the next vacation? What’s that? Your budget is getting tight? No worries! I have a great suggestion for you: Belgrade for tight budgets! I was amazed to see that you could spend a few […]

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