Belgrade | Serbia


I have visited Belgrade – Serbia, a few weeks ago and was surprised of how much this city reminded me of Bucharest – Romania. It was a version of Bucharest in which nobody spoke neither Romanian nor English. It was funny to see people talk to you and when you answer in English, they just walk away.

General vibe

But the general vibe was wonderful and relaxing. There’s a lot of art all over the city, from statues to graffiti on the walls. Belgrade also has a lot of parks and nature all around the city.

One thing that impressed me was the fact that people were stopping to let you take pictures. Almost everywhere I went it was a constant struggle to get a clean shot of something. But here it was a bliss. (First world photographer’s problems)

Favorite spots

My favorite spot was the fortress. We got there at sunset and it was amazing. Best spot for watching sunsets in the city. But watch out for the mosquitoes. There were a LOT of them. All hungry…

My second favorite spot was the Ada Ciganlija Lake. The stone structures from the entrance make you feel like you’re at Stonehenge. When you enter the island and get to the beach it does not feel like you’re in a capital anymore. Everybody is just chilling in the sun. Make sure you take your bathing suit if you go there, so you can enjoy the whole experience.

But enough talking for now. I will let the pictures say the rest. Here’s my Photo Diary – Belgrade edition. Please click on the pictures to see them full size. 

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