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belgrade for tight budgets

Where did the weekend go? Do you also find yourself sitting at your desk dreaming about the next vacation? What’s that? Your budget is getting tight? No worries! I have a great suggestion for you: Belgrade for tight budgets!

I was amazed to see that you could spend a few days here with a small amount of money. The total amount that I’ve spent in 5 days in Belgrade was 132 Euros (accommodation, transportation and food included + souvenirs). This without trying to hold back from anything.

Here’s the trick how I did that:


I visited Belgrade with two other friends, so the best option for accommodation was Airbnb rather than a hotel or hostel. That resulted in splitting the bill into 3, which is always better than the full price.


I was coming from Romania and if you have ever tried to find a way to get from Romania to Belgrade, I’m sure you know it’s not an easy job. The options are limited, especially if are on a tight budget. I took a bus from the company GEA tours, despite the reviews they had on Tripadvisor. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with them. They arrived to pick us up on time – even a little bit earlier. The driver was nice and helpful. On my way back I had another bus to catch from Timisoara (RO) and the driver did everything to make that possible, even if the time was short. I recommend them, if you ever have to take that route. And a two way ticket costs 30 Euros.

Another friend of mine was flying from Germany. She found plane tickets from Wizz Air with 10 – 16 Euros, which is almost for free.

belgrade for tight budgets food



If you ask yourself what did we eat that was this cheap, I will show you some photographs with what you can eat there. The Serbians eat a lot of meat based food. They have great pizza and pizza shops on every corner. Literally. We also found some bread sticks with garlic and bacon inside which were amazing. We pretty much had those every single day. And they were not expensive too – 40 – 60 RSD, which is 0.30 – 0.50 Euros. That’s also almost free. And delicious.


When I arrived in Belgrade, I was not sure about how much money I should take with me. So I did not take any. I just had my card with me to withdraw money there. The total amount of money that I have taken out from my card was 7000 RSD (Serbian Dinar), which is around 57 Euros. This was spent on food, souvenirs, mosquito repellent bracelet (yes that was a must) and whatever else I needed. Please keep in mind that you could spend even less than that, because I did not tried to save money.

I’ll leave you now with the photographs.

Stay tuned, because I will be posting a photo diary from Belgrade in the following days too! This one will be more focused on the city, than on the expenses.

Hope this article was helpful for some of you. If it was, please like and share it with your friends! You never know who might need it!

Happy Tuesday!

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