New years resolution

new years resolution

You know how the internet is full of articles, quotes and all that, telling you to make your new years resolution “let yourself grow to be the person you really are” and to “transform yourself into your real self”. We all know what they say. 

But here’s how I see it. I don’t think you have to grow or transform yourself into something you already are. It sounds like you should somehow force yourself to do that. When in reality all you have to do, is to just let yourself be. Accept yourself. Every single part of you. Every thought, every dream and every wish you have. Just embrace them. Open up your arms and give yourself a tight hug. One that pulls yourself together and squeezes out all the cr*p life has forced on you.  

Stop listening to what others are telling you, what society tells you “should be”. You shouldn’t be anything! You can be whatever you want. Without explaining yourself. And that is more than enough! People around you don’t like it? That’s fine. They react this way because they don’t have the courage to let themselves be. They are caught up in the process of keeping up all that fake sparkle and glitter. And all that just to make you feel bad about choosing yourself. 

So here’s what you should do. Not because I am telling you this, but because you would do yourself a favor. You will later thank yourself for this. Stop compromising on the things you want. Stop doing things that don’t feel right. Start being selfish and doing things for yourself. Because you deserve to take care of yourself and of your soul. Choose yourself, because in the end you’re the only one you’ve got. And that’s enough. 

I stopped making new years resolutions, because I just write them down and never make the decision to actually work towards them. But this year I have one. It’s more a promise to myself than a resolution. This year I stop compromising. This year I choose to let myself be exactly how I am. And that will be enough. 

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